5 reasons to use olive oil soap



Your skin is your largest organ and what you apply on it is as important as what you eat.

Do you know that olive oil soap has many benefits for your skin? 

Soaps with olive oil have been used for centuries for their health benefits, let’s explore what these benefits are.

Make your skin younger: anti-ageing with natural antioxidants and vitamins

Antioxidants stimulate new cell generation and are quite important for our health. Premium olive oil is very rich in antioxidants and is one of the best natural antioxidant sources. Therefore applying olive oil as soap to your skin will ensure that you are not only washing, but also nurturing your skin. As you might know, Vitamin E and A are very important for cell regeneration and play a role as antioxidants. Olive oil contains these vitamins too. 

Researchers found out that the oleic acid, vitamin E and A ingredients of olive oil are directly affecting bioactivity of gene expression (del Rio et al. 2016). This means that olive oil and products containing olive oil have natural anti-ageing properties.

To add another healthy layer of antioxidant to soap, few soap makers also add rosemary leaf extract, which has proven to be a great natural antioxidant that has a positive influence on preventing cancer (Source). This expensive ingredient will help your skin to become younger.

A great skin moisturizer

A lot of people have problems with dry skin. This is usually because your skin might not get enough nutrients or the pores that allow your skin to function properly might be clogged. Using a natural olive oil soap, you will open up your pores and let your skin breathe. Also, if the soap is produced properly, it would have natural glycerine in it, which is one of the best natural moisturizers that you can apply on your skin.

Dermatological benefits: Eczema and Acne

As you know, our founder Erhan started making soap to heal his wife’s eczema. With its oleic acid content, olive oil soap is commonly referred to as an anti-eczema product. This is mainly because olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties, meaning that it is great for burns and wounds. The same property allows olive oil soap to be helpful for acne treatment. Many people have seen positive outcomes in acne and eczema treatments after they started using good quality olive oil soap. 

Important: We believe that soap should not be marketed as a medicine. A premium olive oil soap might help you fight your skin problems, but make sure to talk to a dermatologist if alternative treatments are not effective.  

The most gentle make-up remover

If you like to skip chemically based make-up removers, olive oil soap can be used to remove your make-up and it is very effective. Just apply a little bit of soap to a moist cotton swab and rinse of your make-up. 

Be careful: A professionally made natural olive oil soap has a PH level between 9 and 10, which is above the normal PH level of our eyes (7-7.3). If the soap comes into your eyes, it might sting. So, make sure you close your eyes while you are naturally removing your make-up. 

Suitable for any skin type

No matter if you have dry, greasy, normal or combination skin, you can use olive oil soap. You can even wash your newborn baby with it. The commonly cited article from the “Pediatric Dermatology” argued that olive oil soap is suitable for your newborn’s skin. A product that is suitable for even our little ones, will for sure be suitable for any adult’s skin. 

We even wash our dog Masum with our olive oil soaps. She loves it and feels very relaxed after the wash.


What makes Blacktree Natural Olive Oil Soap so special?

To offer you the most premium olive oil soap, we, as Blacktree, offer you a soap that is made from the top quality ingredients and production methods.

  • We source local olive oil from our region which has the unique climate to produce olive oil that is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and A and oleic acid, which your skin will truly benefit from
  • We only use food-grade oils that increase the property quality for every single ingredient.
  • In addition to our oil base (olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil) we use rosemary leaf extract which is an expensive ingredient but adds a lot of value to our soaps. 
  • Unlike large soap factories, our specially developed production method allows us to keep the glycerine inside the soap, which ensures your skin to be soft.
  • Our inspiration came from the people in our family who had skin problems. We know how these problems can be irritating and we offer you the best soap to nurture your skin in the best way possible.
  • We don’t use any salt in our soaps. 

We are producing soap because we want to offer you the best. We are driven by this value and you will feel this when you use our soaps.


As we have seen, natural olive oil can be very beneficial for your skin and it should be your choice for natural cleaning and your skincare routine. 

If you are already using olive oil in your skincare routine or you want to try out, or have any other questions please leave a comment below so we can discuss so we could give you the right guidance in choosing the best products.

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